About Lady Fitness

Lady Fitness, the biggest gym for women in Jerusalem!

Lady fitness is a women-only gym in the Center 1 mall, Yermiyahu St 43, Jerusalem

The gym is active all day, offers many workout options and a large, roomy studio with many studio and workout sessions and everything that women love…

We understand that as a religious mother kids may prevent you from working out, so we have built a free babysitter room for our members that is open most hours of the day – now you won't have any excuses 🙂


The Lady Fitness instructor team

In the Lady Fitness studio, you will find professional instructors that have trained in the best schools – but most important, instructors that see you achieving your goals as an integral part of their success. You are welcome to visit our instructor page.

Why a women-only gym in Jerusalem?

Jerusalem is a diverse city which houses many religious people and orthodox jews. As part of the understanding that each group has its own needs, we have founded Lady Fitness as a women-only gym in Jerusalem so that you can come at any time. The gym is open at all hours of the day, only for women, instructed by a female instructor.

The Lady Fitness studio room

We all know that going to the gym and sweating on the electric walker is nice but can be boring at times, which is why we combine gym and studio activities.

Let's not lie to ourselves, to lose weight we need to keep working out, and the easiest way to keep working out is to enjoy it – otherwise you'd stop after a while.

So how can we enjoy working out? Participate in studio activities – we can burn calories, strengthen our muscles, dance, enjoy and meet new friends.

What activities will you find in our studio?

We're women and we understand women, so the activities we offer are activities that we like or activities that we've added over time due to our members' requests.

A bouncing, calorie-burning Zumba dance class, a Pilates class to strengthen the body and balance, and many more like: body building, Osteoporosis, aerobics, folk dance, belly dance, bone-building workout, folklore dance, kickboxing, step aerobics and more.

These studio classes will make you want to come in, work out, enjoy and maintain weight and figure. No more excuses, the workout begins!

Contact us today for an introductory meeting and a free tour of the studio without obligation tel:02-633-9178

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